18 January 2006

Tomorrow, tomorrow...

Ugh. The New Horizons launch has been delayed an additional day according to this latest bit from NASA:

Next Launch Attempt: Thursday, Jan. 19

Today's planned launch of an Atlas V carrying NASA's New Horizons spacecraft has been delayed for at least one more day. The Johns Hopkins University's Applied Physics Laboratory, which operates the spacecraft and is managing the mission, experienced a power outage early this morning that has not yet been resolved. Launch is now set for Thursday, Jan. 19, during a window extending from 1:08 p.m. - 3:07 p.m. EST.

I swear they're doing all this on purpose just to make me update my countdown clock on the right sidebar. ;-)

Added 19:54 CST:

Eek, the perils of launch delays versus Plutonian arrival time. Emily Lakdawalla has posted a table illustrating how New Horizons' primary target will be reached much later should we get pushed back deeper into the probe's launch window. This is due to Jupiter moving increasingly out of the desired alignment for the gravity-assist maneuver en route. Pretty amazing to consider:

Launch DateArrival Year
Jan. 19 - 282015
Jan. 29 - 312016
Feb. 1 - 22017
Feb. 3 - 82018
Feb. 9 - 112019
Feb. 13 - 142020

Hopefully we'll light the candle sooner rather than later.



Anonymous andreimack said...

That is actually pretty amazing.

1:38 PM CST  

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