04 January 2006

Our Hollow Heads

Image credit: NASA

Oh, goody.

"Would you be interested in a once-in-a-lifetime chance to discover Our Hollow Earth first hand? If so, we invite you to join us for an expedition to the North Pole with Steve Currey, one of the leading river explorers in the world!

Indigenous Eskimos believe that there is a hole in the Arctic Ocean and observations by several Arctic explorers like Olaf Jansen and Rear Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd, U.S.N., who claim to have seen mirages of exposed land near the North Pole, indicate that the most plausible location for an opening is located at 84.4 N Latitude, 141 E Longitude.
Steve Currey's Expedition Company has chartered the Russian Nuclear IceBreaker YAMAL, to take 100 adventurers to the North Pole for an expedition to conduct scientific observations that could resolve once and for all whether the Hollow Earth Theory has any validity!"

Precisely the opportunity I've eagerly awaited. For a paltry $20,000, you too can pay a visit to... "Our Hollow Earth," courtesy of Steve Currey's Expedition company. Yes, that's right: these nutters allege that there may very well be a polar portal of sorts, via which paying customers can access the purportedly wondrous reaches of our planet's interior.

I particularly like the caveat presented on the "journey's" itinerary:

"* Please note that if we are unable to find the Polar opening, we will be returning via the New Siberian Islands to visit skeleton remains of exotic animals thought to originate from Inner Earth."

Does it sound far-fetched? Naaaah. Thankfully the proprietors offer this nice bit of anecdote in order to convince the evil, pessimistic skeptic types.

Are people really this dense? Sheesh. What a joke!

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Blogger Kim said...

That's un-fucking-believable. Still, in this anti-intellectual climate, they've probably got their finger on the consumers' pulse -- after all, there's no proof the Earth's NOT hollow, right? Most likely it's all a government plot to cover up the existence of the Lost Tribes of Israel.

11:52 AM CST  
Blogger Wolverine said...

Gotta love marketing...

Sadly, there will be people getting their wallets out for this.

11:58 AM CST  

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