07 January 2006

January Moon

Tonight's observing session was short-lived due to poor seeing and gusty winds, despite excellent atmospheric transparency. Regardless, I still seized the opportunity to grab a couple of afocal lunar shots.

10" dobsonian & Canon 20D w/50mm prime

f/2, 1/30", ISO 100

f/2, 1/60", ISO 100

Addendum: in my zeal to post the images, I only included EXIF data from the camera exposures, above.

Technically speaking...

The dobsonian has a focal length of 1200mm, with 254mm of aperture. Using my TeleVue 24mm Pan provided a magnification of 50x. The resulting effective system focal length factoring in the lens equalled 2500mm, yielding a system f-ratio of f/9.8 in total.

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Anonymous Mushiwulf said...

Beautiful pics.

2:36 PM CST  
Blogger Wolverine said...


5:44 AM CST  

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