05 January 2006

Intellectual Dishonesty Institute

The predictable anti-science fallout from the Kitzmiller et al. v. Dover Area School District decision continues. As I wrote previously, the deplorable rhetoric pouring from advocates of "intelligent design" carries the stench of stark ignorance blended with that of sour grapes.

There's a marvelous new piece posted on the National Center for Science Education's website, penned by Kevin Padian and Nick Matzke which further exposes the fraudulent claims being posited from one of our nation's worst enemies of biological evolution: Seattle-based conservative think tank, The Discovery Institute.

Here's my favorite excerpt:

"The fact is, the Discovery Institute took a terrible beating in this trial. “Intelligent Design,” their main industry, which they have peddled relentlessly for over a decade as the Next Great Idea in science, was revealed as religion, not science at all. The DI’s “wedge strategy” was exposed and established as a crypto-fundamentalist Christian ideology of politics and social change. Their alleged “experts” withdrew, leaving the defense in confusion. Their amicus briefs were ignored by the Judge, and their attempt to append the “expert witness report” of Stephen Meyer, who had canceled his testimony, was angrily rebuffed. And after the trial, the DI’s Washington office head, Mark Ryland, publicly squabbled with the TMLC’s Richard Thompson, who claimed that the DI had promised support and then cut and run.

It’s over for the Discovery Institute. Turn out the lights. The fat lady has sung. The emperor of ID has no clothes. The bluff is over. Oh sure, they’ll continue to pump out the blather. They’ll find more funding, at least for a while, from some committed ideologue or another. But no one with any objectivity will take them seriously any longer as scientists. They had their fair chance, and they blew it."

Mmm. Truth hurts. Sadly, truth clearly isn't #1 on the Discovery Institute's list of priorities. Their religio-political agenda shines through in each subsequent tantrum thrown. And the whole world is watching. Priceless.

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