25 December 2005


The more time I spend observing the Moon, the more fascinated I become with lunar geology and surface features. For being a rather barren place it sure has a great deal to offer. Here's a recent series of afocal photos taken with a Canon 20D and powered by my venerable 10" dobsonian.

Langrenus, Vendelinus, Petavius & Fernerius on the limb.

Mmm. Maria.

Centered on Copernicus. At the far left, the Hortensius volcanic domes are visible.

Eratosthenes and the Montes Apenninus.

Copernicus, Eratosthenes & co.

Target: Clavius.

Get the spackle!

The ejecta from Tycho (out of the frame) prominently spans across the lunar surface.

If you have the time, equipment, and motivation, give the Lunar 100 a shot.

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